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Managing members

Members are attached to worlds. Each world can have a different set of members.

Members can:

  • Be granted access to some rooms
  • Have special "tags". Tags are used to give special right to members (like the ability to connect to some room, the right to moderate a meeting room, or the right to send a global message to anyone)

Members can connect to WorkAdventure using:

  • a special "autologin" URL (that contains a unique key specific to a given member)
  • or by using the login screen

Creating members manually

Use the "Invite" button to add a new member in the current world.

Invite pop-up member picture to describe all information able to send the invite in WorkAdventure administration console
Member add/edit screen

A member has a name, an email, some contact information and a list of tags.

The name, email and contact information of the members are not used by WorkAdventure. It can however be shared on the business card. In WorkAdventure, the member will be able to pick the nickname he/she prefers and the avatar she wants.

A member can have one or many tags. Tags are used to classify members into different groups. Tags are free text strings. You can use anything you want as a tag name. For instance, if you are an event organizer, it could make sense to create tags for "staff", "speakers" and "attendees".

Creating members by batch

You can upload a batch of members using a CSV file.

The file should not have a header.

The columns of the files must be, in that order:

  • email (compulsory)
  • name (compulsory)
  • token (optional): this is the token used in the unique connection string
  • tags (optional): List of tags for the member (separated by a ";")

In the future, the format of the CSV file will change to allow a header (or we might allow Excel file format too)

Exporting members

The "Export" button will export all members in a CSV file.

The CSV file contains the name, email, member id and autologin URL that your member can use to log into WorkAdventure.

This CSV file can therefore be used as a basis for performing a mailing to your users, letting them know they have been awarded an account on WorkAdventure!

Business cards

Contact information of the member can be viewed by other users, in the "business card" of the member. Each member can edit its own information using the "profile" menu inside WorkAdventure.

Business card picture of each user connected and registered member in WorkAdventure.
A typical business card

As an administrator, you can decide if you want to enable / disable business cards for your world, and also what details of the business card are showed.

It is for instance possible to decide to hide the email address in the business card. Configuration of the business card is done in the administration dashboard, in the "Business card" left menu.

Business card settings picture with all properties to display or not member information in the WorkAdventure business card.
The business card configuration page