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WorkAdventure APIs

Choosing the right API for your project

WorkAdventure comes with 4 APIs:

  • The Room API
  • The Inbound API
  • The Outbound API
  • The Scripting API

Before trying to integrate your application with WorkAdventure, it is important to understand the scope of each API.

Room API

The Room API is a gRPC-based API that allows an external server to connect to a room and to perform actions such as reading/modifying/listening to a room variable.

Inbound API

The inbound API a classic REST API. From your server, you can connect to WorkAdventure to create / edit / delete members in your world. There is also an existing Zapier plugin that is using the inbound API under the hood.

Sample use case: The inbound API is perfect if you want to integrate WorkAdventure with a ticketing system (for instance to create a new member with each ticket sold in your ticketing system).

Outbound API

With the outbound API, it is WorkAdventure that will initiate HTTP requests to your server.

When someone tries to connect to WorkAdventure, WorkAdventure will ask your server:

  • to resolve the URL to the map
  • if the user is allowed to connect and what tags the user has

When you use the outbound API, WorkAdventure completely bypasses the WorkAdventure administration dashboard. It gives you the ability to develop your own administration dashboard.

The outbound API is extremely powerful because it allows you to store the rooms and members in your own database, without having a need to synchronize your database with WorkAdventure.

Scripting API

The scripting API is a client-side API. It is executed in the browser only and can be used to add dynamic behaviours on your maps.