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Inbound API

The inbound API is an HTTP REST API that developers can use to access / modify data stored in the WorkAdventure server.


Currently, only "members" of your world can be edited with the Inbound API


A Zapier plugin is available if you want to use this API in a "no-code" approach.


In order to connect to the inbound API, you will need an authentication token and a premium access to the world.

You can issue a new authentication token in the administration dashboard of WorkAdventure.

  • Go to Settings > Developers
  • In the "Tokens" sections, click on "Create new token". API Settings
  • Give your token a name
  • Save the token for the next step. API Settings

Connecting to the REST API

The API entrypoint is:[your world slug]

The "world slug" is the last part of the World URL.

On the "edit your world" popup, you can see the "WorkAdventure URL" of your World.

If the "WorkAdventure URL" of your World is, then your "world slug" is bar.

In order to authenticate with the API, you will need to put the HTTP Authorization header with every request you make to the API.

The Authentication header MUST be set to the authentication token that you previously generated

Complete specs

All the available entry points are exposed in the OpenAPI spec accessible below:

OpenAPI specs