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Working with camera

Focusable Area

It is possible to define special regions on the map that can make the camera zoom and center on themselves. We call them "Focusable Area". When player gets inside, his camera view will be altered - focused, zoomed and locked on defined area, like this:

Adding new Focusable Area:

  1. Make sure you are editing an Object Layer

    Object Layer

  2. Select Insert Rectangle tool

    Insert Rectangle

  3. Define new object wherever you want. For example, you can make your chilling room event cosier!

    Define new zone

  4. Make sure your object is of class "area"!

    Define new zone

  5. Edit this new object and click on Add Property, like this:

    Add Property

  6. Add a bool property of name focusable:

    Add focusable property

  7. Make sure it's checked! :)

    Make sure it's checked

All should be set up now and your new Focusable Area should be working fine!

Defining custom zoom margin:

If you want, you can add an additional property to control how much should the camera zoom onto focusable area.

  1. Like before, click on Add Property

    Add Property

  2. Add a float property of name zoomMargin:

    Add zoomMargin property

  3. Define how much (in percentage value) should the zoom be decreased:

    Define zoomMargin property

    For example, if you define your area as a 300x200 rectangle, setting this property to 0.5 (50%) means the camera will try to fit within the viewport the entire area + margin of 50% of its dimensions, so 450x300.

    • No margin defined

      No margin defined

    • Margin set to 0.35

      Margin set to 0.35