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Designing custom Wokas

WorkAdventure offers out of the box a great deal of choice regarding the clothes you can put on your character. But if you want to go further, you can design custom clothes, hairs, body, ... for your characters (we call them Wokas) Feeling like an artist? Let us review how to design custom characters.

Character file format

A character is a combination of 6 "layers":

  • Body
  • Eyes
  • Hairs
  • Clothes
  • Hats
  • Accessories
  • Each layer is represented as a PNG image. Below is a sample layer image for a body.

A sample character sheet

Characters are 32x32 pixels sprites. A layer is a sheet of 3x4 sprites.

The rows must be (in that order):

  • Character walking down
  • Character walking left
  • Character walking right
  • Character walking up

Each animation is made of 3 sprites.

Uploading a character layer

The layer you upload can be restricted to members having a given tag. For instance, if you are a conference organizer, you could design a special blue shirt that would be available only to your staff. Or if you are running virtual offices, you could design special clothes using the colors of your company, restricted to your company employees!

Here is an example of custom clothes:

Import custom Woka screen