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Sending global messages

Administrators can send global messages to all the users in a given room. These messages can be:

  • Text based: actually, they can be formatted in HTML
  • or Audio messages: any MP3 file can be forwarded and played to all connected users

Granting rights to send global messages

Global messages are sent from within the game (and not from the administration panel) In order to send a global message, you need to be logged with a member that has the special "admin" tag. Any member with the "admin" tag is considered an administrator and can send global messages to the room he/she is connected to.

Screenshot of a member with the "admin" tag

Sending messages

Start by connecting with a member account that has the "admin" tag. You can do this by using the autologin URL, or simply by clicking the "Actions" menu next to the member and clicking the "Go to WA" button. In WorkAdventure, click on the menu on the top left. Then, select the "admin console" button.

Admin console button in the menu

The administration console will open. From this console, you can either send a text message, or an audio message.

Admin console